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God has done again what He so often does: brought several threads together for me, to show off a powerful truth. After studying Isaiah all year, after hearing stirring comments on Israel Sunday evening at my church, and then after writing a blog entry on the Jews just yesterday, I find this morning a blog entry by John Piper that puts an exclamation point on all of this. He quotes J.C. Ryle:

They are a people reserved and kept separate by God for a grand and special purpose. That purpose is to make them a means of exhibiting to the world in the latter days God’s hatred of sin and unbelief, and God’s almighty power and almighty compassion. They are kept separate that they may finally be saved, converted and restored to their own land. They are reserved and preserved, in order that God may show in them as on a platform, to angels and men, how greatly he hates sin, and yet how greatly he can forgive, and how greatly he can convert. Never will that be realized as it will in that day when “all Israel shall be saved.” (Are You Ready for the End of Time? 137-138 )


I pray that the glory of that day will not be lost on me.

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